Galaxy s3 email not updating scam dating russian sites

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Galaxy s3 email not updating

I have done this but it is still happening please, someone, help!

This issue is not happening because of your device, but your email account in general.

When pressing on the folder you will be able to view the trash folder.

After you delete an email press the "Synchronize" button to that it is applied, not only to your device, but also to the servers of your email and other devices.

I have an AOL account for people, and a Yahoo account for the other stuff I get like shopping. Alternatively, you can also install the Yahoo mail app and set up notifications for all your incoming mail. Do not synchronize those accounts and you will get 2 separate email icons.

The AOL is my default account, but I still need to check the Yahoo account. Check out the Yahoo mail app here: Yahoo Mobile Yes I can help you to switch to the other account to manage: 1. I have Samsung IV, trying to find the way how can I set up few email accounts.

In this article, we will provide you with steps on how you can manage your email account by adding, deleting and changing settings.

While the built in email app on the Galaxy S3 is an excellent starting point for sending and receiving emails on the go, some users may find the lack of features limiting to their needs.

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Some ISP's offer a similar functionality in your mail account setup as the steps listed above. For those looking for a full featured mail app with such settings built in, just search "email" in the Google Play Store and find an app that interests you or try out the top rated Mail Droid or K-9 Mail.

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