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Generational perspectives of the EAP For this generation, EAPs have evolved toward work/life services.Companies adopted flexible work arrangements and work/life services to meet their needs.

High expectations, changing courtship rituals and the evolution of the “urban tribe” phenomenon have elevated anxiety as a defining characteristic when it comes to relationships for Generation X.

Generation X employees have responded overwhelmingly to flexible work arrangements when available.

Primary reasons for adopting flexible work arrangements and other work/life programs, as reported by members of Generation X, are child care, continuing education, personal health, personal interest unrelated to family, desire to address overwork, and adult care responsibilities.

Gen Xers spent less time with their parents than previous generations of children had.

First recognized as latchkey kids, this generation found themselves home alone and taking care of themselves and their siblings, while their parents worked. They were not coddled for every emotional need and want.

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As career opportunities increased and this generation began to enter into meaningful work, as many as 43 percent were earning minimum wage and struggling to survive.