Gen dating

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Gen dating

Generation X employees have responded overwhelmingly to flexible work arrangements when available.Primary reasons for adopting flexible work arrangements and other work/life programs, as reported by members of Generation X, are child care, continuing education, personal health, personal interest unrelated to family, desire to address overwork, and adult care responsibilities.Consequently, divorce and child custody will continue to be legal issues for this generation.When Generation X entered the job market, many stressors on the economy limited job availability, affecting their ability to obtain meaningful work.Although the divorce rate for this generation is generally lower than national norms, overall the divorce rate is high and will continue to affect them.Unfortunately, as Generations X’s parents divorced at an astounding rate, divorce is viewed to be normal by many of this generation.Mimeograph machines turned into high-speed copiers, faxes plodded from 30 minutes a page to seconds, and heavy adding machines were replaced with handheld calculators.Whereas computers were the size of whole buildings for the Traditional Generation and whole rooms for Baby Boomers, the computer now became a desktop appliance.

Just like the malls, shopping centers and office buildings they would come to work in and the videos they would rent, everything appeared secondhand and pre-viewed.

Born between 19, Gen Xers grew up in an era of emerging technology and political and institutional incompetence.

Watergate, Three Mile Island, Bhopal, the Iranian hostage crisis, Iran-Contra and the Clinton-Lewinsky debacles mark the emergence of this generation.

Single-parent and blended families helped this generation understand that families come in all shapes and sizes.

More inclusive of others and accepting of differences from themselves or their experiences, this generation is accepting and embracing of diversity.

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Generational perspectives of the EAP For this generation, EAPs have evolved toward work/life services.

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