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A.) and Sociology (‘Licence’) from the University of Geneva, and a Ph.D in Sociology from the University of Cambridge, supervised by Anthony Giddens, in 1998.Bürgmann comments: "The uptake of resistance genes by bacteria is not unusual and doesn't in itself pose a hazard; what wasn't previously known was that levels of multiresistance genes are elevated in the lake, and particularly also in the sediment, close to the wastewater discharge outlet." This, he believes, increases the risk that, at some point, resistance genes will also be transferred to pathogens.That could occur in the lake itself, or in the human body, if mobile genetic elements for antibiotic resistance find their way into drinking water.particularly high levels of highly multiresistant bacteria in wastewater at the CHUV.But the study also produced surprising results: while, overall, more than 75% of bacteria are eliminated at the treatment plant, the proportion of especially resistant strains is increased in treated wastewater.In the long term, the prevalence and variety of these genes in the environment is increased, which in turn increases the risk that they will also be transferred to pathogens at some point.EAWAG: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.

However, the Lausanne treatment plant receives wastewater not only from the region's 214,000 inhabitants and a number of smaller healthcare centres, but also from a major healthcare facility -- the University Hospital of Canton Vaud (CHUV)."Antibiotic resistance genes accumulating in Lake Geneva." Science Daily. Dr Véronique Mottier is a Fellow and Director of Studies at Jesus College, University of Cambridge (since 1999) & Professor in Sociology at the University of Lausanne (since 2006).These bacteria are frequently also resistant to other substances, such as heavy metals or disinfectants.Environmental releases of bacteria incorporating resistance genes are considered to be a matter of concern.

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