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Of all the rules, however, there is one that's universally known across the board.

Breaking that rule can — for lack of a better term — lead to social suicide.

If it's barely been six months since your friend broke up with him, I'd say it's definitely too soon.

Everyone is different, and people deal with breakups in their own way.

But before starting something with your friend's ex, make sure that she is 100 percent over the relationship.

Regardless of if she's with someone else now, it will be weird for her to see you with him.

And when they do and people find out, there's hell to pay. Their relationship was also fun for me because I got to get to know Rex better.

This good-humored, Generation-X inspired, illustrated "love dictionary" contains tongue-in-cheek slang terms for the different stages of love and dating, for body parts and common sexual experiences, ways of making up and breaking up, and the basic rules of play that every woman should know. I was surprised by how enjoyable this little book was.Everyone knows that misery loves company, and this podcast is out to help make dating funny and less frightening for everyone.Ghosted Stories has a live recorded show at The People's Improv Theater in NYC once a month. 51: A Game of Telephone w/ Liz Magee will be released on Thursday, Sept 28th at 10am EST featuring comedian Liz Magee.Honesty is the best policy, after all (although it wasn't in Peyton's case).If you tell her how you feel about him, hopefully the worst thing that will happen is she will tell you dating him would hurt your friendship.

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You can save yourself the trouble and skip all those obstacles and instead, opt for this one-step plan: Don't do it. I promise you'll regret it, and in the end, you'll see he wasn't worth it.