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Granny chat request

Trish Muldrock had not picked up a dumbbell until she was in her 40s.But now, the grandmother is one of the strongest women for her age on the planet.At just 1.5m tall, and weighing in about 46kg, the grandmother from Kaikohe in Northland can lift three times her body weight.And, at 61 years old she has won 17 world masters powerlifting championship gold medals and hold seven current world records.At her first Oceania meet - her first international-level competition, she won her weight class.Last week's contest in Estonia will be her 10th world masters powerlifting championships. Muldrock says she has always been strong for her size, and relished the outdoors life growing up in rural Ohaeawai."I always loved swimming, running.In equipped lifting, contestants are allowed to wear supportive clothing – a squat suit, knee wraps, bench shirt, and deadlift suit.

I'm quite happy to speak publicly or have a chat to anybody."Muldrock holds the International Powerlifting Federation's World Masters 3 (age 60-69) Women's Equipped Records in the under-47kg class for the squat (115.5kg), deadlift (136.5kg) and total (316kg).

But, Nev Couchman - who ran the gym - noticed how much iron she could pump and suggested she start competing."He kept saying to me, 'you're strong, you should have a go'," says Muldrock.

After training for about six months, she entered a Northland competition, "loved it, got hooked", and heaved so much weight she qualified for an Oceania contest later that year.

I hated being inside, hated reading, couldn't keep still," she says.

At 20, she and her husband Vern opened and started operating a local dairy.

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She has six meals a day – "A lot of meat, chicken and fish. If you're not sure, you don't take (it)."Muldrock says she has never taken steroids nor would she ever.

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