Gta vice city global updating mod

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Gta vice city global updating mod

but if you are a true gamer (such as myself), you would play all games regardless of what platform. rockstar signed an agreement with sony that they will exclusivly get the console version of any gta game… consoles apply as in gamecube, x-box, ps2, dreamcast etc etc… there is much more than 80 min of music…of course they could compress it or install it on the hd…hmm…i guess they could work around pretty much everything if u got the hd space. – by [email protected] is no 'beta' pc version of vice city yet. gta: vice city will come out on pc because there are more people in that market so they will put it there to make money.i have a good pc and it cost me 500$ but ive barley payed for it.

the gameboy advance will also be seeing gta titles on it very soon. dont get me wrong, i want it for pc and im trying to be optimistic but if it does not come out ill have to spend the 300 canadian on the damn console…oh well ) – by tenacious blisten to that … i work for rockstar and i should to end your city will be out on pc no sooner than march 03. now i probably could of got a ps2 for only a hundred dollars less and if you ask me it would hardly be worth it.

– by ticked off gameras some of you already know, me is wrong. gta will always be on the pc, that's where its roots are! this is the nastiest bloodbath of this type i had ever seen…. oh and this quote:“stuck with that crappy socom game on your 56k while me and over 30,000 others get to play counter-strike (the most popular game in the world incase you were retarded) on over 10,000 severs with our dsl/cable connection! whata bout the guy playign socom with his broadband adapter and the guy playing cs on a 56k? since you have so 'grudgingly' consented to share this bs beta i'd opt for the you one of these lamers that get off on having people waste hours downloading bullsh#t, or should your doctor change your pills?? if you wanna get people to stop thinking of you the way that i think about you, then dont talk about shit that dont exist. and what the fuck is sumlak fu – by jimbo the foolpc is much much much much better, if u can afford it. – arguing on the internet is like the special olympics, even if you win your still retarded. you all appear to have issues relating to gaming gta:vc is great whatever you play it on, this is due to its excellent, who gives a monkeys.

as for us console owners, at least our console versions don't crash 20 to 90% of the time we play our games. – by william fosterok, just to make thing clear if you all do not know yet. – by keadini suppose you're right, jimbo-the-fool. but for example, you could install all the cd's but then one cd would not be enough to hold all the soundtrack music?? sure you have better graphical options on a pc but a console is cheaper and if you base a game on graphics alone your just a cheap graphic whore who doesnt really game. they both have goods and bads ( thats consoles and pc ) and if your pc keeps freezing or crashing its because its a load s#! got it – by someguyi've got a ps2 and a computer and they both seem just as good but i prefer a computer as there is more u can do ( unless u got a mac ).

why don't you all just go by what the ads say. even if you can make mods, pc ppl, why can't you play the game for what it is? now, wasn't it stated that the xbox only had a 733 mhz processor? (or graphics chip, whatever.) i could be wrong, but i didn't think the xbox could handle a game as massive as doom 3. i really have my doubts about the capabilites of the xbox. the story had to do with the release of the game made by the army that is approprialty called “americas army.” a father of a ten year old boy said that he ahas to worry about his son going to school with kids that are “traning” to be the next snipers with these games. unless the army developed a new mouse and keyboard version of the m-16, i don't think that anybody will be able to shot any better after playing a fps. they have little carrying cases that you can buy for around and use to take your pc anywhere!!!

– by elbarto99just one little thing does it really matter what its on? it wont be less exciting on a ps2 or whatever with slightly worse graphics, i guarantee it. – by rational oneyou gay pc people are only jealous becuase you can't afford to buy a ps2 and to keep buying the games. the ps2 will get the first ahnd deal of vice city because of the sony deal. would we all be arguing about graphics over some game with crappy gameplay? i guess it could, seeing as it already runs games like morrowind and halo, but i still haven't seen the comparison of a pc to an xbox. if it's true about the xbox being able to process id's new game engine, how fast will it be? i won't belive it till i see it with my own eyes. on that note, i think i will play madden so i can practice my spiral. it may take a little more time to do it vs the console, but it's not that big a deal.

– by megod, i hate stupid little kids who own consoles, i was actually alive in the 80's and i can actually apreciate the adult content. – by arnoldi agree on some of your ideas and disaggree with others. how can you share something that does not exist in any playable form?? to – by bigdaddy985387obviously its an old comment.

by the way cum-quats gta vice city will be out on pc eventually, some of us know how to install and modify programs. i own a pc (good enough to game), a ps2, and hopefully in the coming weeks a gamecube. and yes it is obvious fps are always better on a pc. but you rarely see games like resident evil or tony hawk prosper on a pc. you are either seriously deluded or an outright liar. but looks like it hit the fucking pc – if you dont have a good machine you cant enjoy it (sucks 2bu)so yeah i run a p4 3 ghz and all in wonder radeon 9600 xt and 512 mb pc3200 ddr (400 mhz) and i run it great. wow does it ever – for all you other retartds sony fucking blows get gamecube it is a ibm power pc g4 chip with an ati radeon 9000 dedicated to games. pc is the only way to game and gamecube is best for console.

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