Hiking dating

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Also pack some shady sun hats if the weather is warm or some beanies if it is cold outside.

Science may have debunked the theory that you lose half your body heat through your head, but the truth is that a your head is sensitive and keeping it swaddled or shaded will make you both a 100 x happier.

Finally, make sure to bring some waterproof clothing and a whole extra set of clothes in the off chance you fall into a lake after making out or a surprise rain storm interrupts your adventure.

If it's just a day hike for a couple of hours, you can pack a lot more lightly than if you're planning on camping overnight.

Every couple's experience will be as unique as they are, but if you want to take a peek into a hiking date, here's a couple who decided to film theirs to share it with you. Believe me, an unexpected snow storm can cause a pretty nasty fight or squash the opportunity scoring for a second date. Leave room for mistakes, mishaps and time to be whimsical.

If you are driving three hours to a trailhead to have to rush to the peak and zoom home, we can promise you it won’t be romantic.

Most of the time long drives and intense hikes are better left to more established couples.

Remember to over communicate about what each of you are comfortable with as far as duration and intensity goes. If it's your first romantic rendezvous a little trek will help take that nervous edge off with some endorphins or captivating vistas.

Or if it's an old love were talking about here, a romantic hike is the perfect way to rekindle tired dating and make a stock holiday day memorable.

Don’t be afraid of those deep, prolonged silences (silence ≠ boredom) and don’t be tempted to fill the void with jabber.

Just ask thoughtful questions, be your silly, sarcastic self because in the end learning more about one another is vital to any relationship, at any stage.

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You should also opt for some versatile hiking boots that can handle mud puddles, boulder hopping and dusty trails.

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