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The reports that he had ready access by telephone to a drug dealer and was looking for cocaine after the murder indicate that he may have used the drug on a regular basis.

As with so many recent perpetrators of violent crimes, Hennessy left an eerie video record of a couple of brief episodes in his life, and these circulated on social media this week.

Perhaps one looks at these videos differently in the light of the killings, but behind the smiles and the apparent good humour, there is a cold vacant look in his eyes.

In the pub video there is also a feeling of a man out of control.

During that incident he was reported to have headbutted another customer in a pub.

How could a 40-year-old father of young children, who seemed to outward appearances to be living an ordinary suburban life in Bray, take out his wife's car on that May evening - and brutally kill an innocent woman?

In the reports in the immediate aftermath of his death, neighbours described the murderer Mark Hennessy as "quiet", a "bit of a weirdo", an "obliging neighbour" and, most inappropriately perhaps, "a normal dad".

He was said to have had a serious drink and alcohol problem in recent months.

It emerged in the middle of this week that he had been ejected from at least one pub on Bray seafront over the May Bank Holiday weekend.

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