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They work for notoriously difficult families for very little money before receiving their visa and being able to organize their passage to Canada.

She had already been away from her 4-year-old son for 18 months, and if she could get through the two-year contract in Canada, she could apply for permanent residence and have him join her.

The number one complaint from nannies was over-familiar dads.

I would field queries from naive young girls asking if the sexual harassment they were experiencing was normal for American men or just as inappropriate as it would be back in their home countries.

Maria felt very uncomfortable, but her journey to Canada had been fraught with difficulties and she wasn’t prepared to start the whole process over.

In order to be awarded a caregiver visa, the nannies often travel from their native Philippines to Hong Kong, where the process is quicker.

“I would shake my head when he was being flirty, I insisted the children call me ‘Maria’ and I would call him ‘Mister’ to be less friendly,” she says.

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Their experiences ranged from mild flirting to touches that seemed innocent but made them feel uncomfortable to full-on assaults.

Each time I would counsel the girl through her options, encourage her to seek help or to report the matter if appropriate, and explain that the agency could help her to change families or travel back home if she wanted.

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“I was very frightened, I thought he was going to attack me, I told him I did not feel well and he eventually left,” she tells me.

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