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Hot video chating without registration

A squiggly line with an arrow is drawn from Sydney to the net to indicate the path -- UNFREEZE frame and watch Sydney fall into the net CUT TO: CAMERA moves in on the PARENTS then over to some DETECTIVES and OFFICERS who are making sense of this, they nod to each other as if to say, "well we know what we have to do..." NARRATOR So Fay Barringer was charged with the murder of her son and Sydney Barringer noted as an accomplice in his own death... CAMERA pushes in towards the MOTHER as she screams and screams and the officer's fight to regain control of her -- in the scuffle, the apartment door is shut directly in the face of the CAMERA. It is playing an infomercial, shot on video with a hot shot guy FRANK T. Various settings: The bar, a supermarket, a bedroom, a parked car. The magical key to unlocking any woman's analytical ability and tap directly into her hopes, wants, fears, desires and panties. CAMERA LANDS IN CLOSE UP of STANLEY as he slams the car door. " (1968) The clip shows a younger JIMMY GATOR asking questions to a ten year old kid named DONNIE SMITH. TITLE CARD reads: Quiz Kid Donnie Smith - 1968 CUT TO: DONNIE SMITH, aged 40, is reclined back in a dentist chair. He's smiling and singing along to a song* as he pulls into a parking space.... CUT TO: CAMERA pushes in real fast on the front door as PHIL PARMA (20s) enters.

NARRATOR He is killed instantly but continues to fall -- only to find, three stories below -- a safety net installed three days prior for a set of window washers that would have broken his fall and saved his life if not for the hole in his stomach. Flash title card: CAMERA DOLLIES IN QUICK towards a TELEVISION in a living room. FRANK In this big game that we play it is not what you - It's What You Take. CAMERA moves INTO THE TELEVISION, QUICK DISSOLVE TO: We are in the video (paneled 1.33) sales pitch/infomercial. CUT TO: CAMERA pushes in quick as Rick sits in the car, engine running, watching Stanley struggle to get himself and the backpacks in; RICK There's no reason for this many backpacks. CUT TO: CAMERA pushes in on an old television set playing a clip from "What Do Kids Know? CU - Young Donnie Smith as he smiles, accepts check, shakes hands with Jimmy. CUT TO: CAMERA pushes in towards Donnie as he pulls into the parking lot in his little HONDA ACCORD. PEDESTRIAN #2 Quiz Kid Donnie, why'd you drive into the seven eleven? CAMERA closes in on an EIGHT YEAR OLD BOY, speaking with a DETECTIVE. PHONE SERVICE VOICE If you would like to hear more personal descriptions from other men in your area, press two now -- CUT TO: CAMERA observing the officers at a morning role call, DOLLIES and BOOMS DOWN towards JIM KURRING, sitting off to the side a bit by himself. NARRATOR A young boy who lived in the building, sometimes a vistor and friend to Sydney Barringer said that he had seen, six days prior the loading of the shotgun -- The DETECTIVE turns his head and calls to another -- DETECTIVE C'mere a minute -- CUT TO: . POLICE CAPTAIN (OC) ..much violence..that's the way of the world..luck, as always... She tries to be cheerful, tries to say something nice, but uh-huh, it's just Bad News. NARRATOR -- Husband, Father, Pharmacist and all around gentle-man resident of -- CUT TO: HIGH ANGLE, looking down as Sir Edmond comes out the door, locks up for the evening. again, nearby ANOTHER MAN steps closer -- NARRATOR ... CAMERA PULLS BACK and up to include the sign of the pharmacy now: "Greenberry Hill Pharmacy." CUT TO: . FIREFIGHTER'S POV, THAT MOMENT CAMERA dollies in and TILTS up towards the top of the tree to reveal: There is a MAN IN SCUBA GEAR hanging high in the tree. DOLLY AROUND to reveal a drunk and obnoxious CRAIG HANSEN, screaming about the cards he's been dealt and taunting Delmer NARRATOR -- added to this, Mr. JIM KURRING Then you've got nothin' to worry about. You're screamin' and yellin' and I'm here to check on a disturbance that was reported and that's what I'm gonna do - now are you alone in here? JIM KURRING No you don't: But I'm gonna ask you one more time: Are you alone in here? CAMERA BOOMS DOWN and PUSHES IN TOWARDS HIM, WHIPS RT TOWARDS: NARRATOR He was murdered by three vagrants whose motive was simple robbery. He is wearing his goggles and his tanks and his wet suit. Hansen's tortured life met before with Delmer Darion just two nights previous -- Hansen SPITS and PUNCHES at Delmer Darion's FACE for dealing the cards he's been dealt. CUT TO: CRAIG HANSEN reading the paper, looking at the cover story, that has a photo of DELMER DARION. NARRATOR The weight of the guilt and the measure of coincidence so large, Craig Hansen took his life. MARCIE You don't tell me, I know my rights, just come right in, you can't -- JIM KURRING Don't test me, you wanna talk about what the law book says, we can do that, push me far enough and I'll take you to jail -- now calm down.

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They were identified as: A COATED MAN standing in the shadows of the alley way nearby. He's crying and mumbling to himself: CRAIG HANSEN ..God.... Replay of Craig Hansen's suicide, except this time, right before he blows his head off we hear him say, through tears: CRAIG HANSEN ...forgive me... CAMERA pushes in towards him quickly, this time moving into his COAT POCKET -- NARRATOR The suicide was confirmed by a note, left in the breast pocket of Sydney Barringer -- DISSOLVE INTO: CAMERA catches glimpses of the note, " I'm sorry..." " this time..." "..I will go " " with God..." NARRATOR At the same time young Sydney stood on the ledge of this nine story building, an argument swelled three stories below -- QUICK DISSOLVE TO: CAMERA pushes in towards the door of ROOM 638. I correct a wrong or right a situation; Then I'm a happy cop.

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