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Unlike the vast majority of dating books currently out there, Stop Dating Jerks!

The Smart Woman's Guide to Breaking the Pattern & Finding the Love of Your Life is written by a psychologist who has spent years in clinical practice counseling men and couples.

I started to get really frustrated, and then I even got angry with women over it.

I felt myself blaming them for my situation, even though I knew they weren't the problem.

Just find one thing about her that you can tease her about as an introduction.

Don't make it cruel, but make it clear that you're not intimidated by her beauty. If you're reading her body language well enough, you'll be able to take this as far as you want.

Don't make it cruel, but tease like you would on the playground as a kid: "You're not bad looking ... I don't want to catch anything from you." By using the Dating Dynamics methods, you will flip her Trust switch in her head.

You see, she starts out needing to find a reason to be interested and trust YOU - or she quickly categorizes you as a friend.

I was meeting the occasional girl, but I wasn't able to get anything off the ground.

First, it's not the same as just learning the "notes" on sheet music. You need someone who's been through all the same things you have. Next, I learned that as much as I'd wanted to MAKE women interested in me, it doesn't work that way. On the other hand, when I learned the right steps to build attraction naturally, I didn't have to do all that needy and insecure stuff I used to - which never worked, anyway. Learn the laws, and you understand the "hidden code..." And then you'll get more and more success.

I'd ask guys what they were doing to get women interested, and most of them couldn't explain it. And the other cool thing is that when you know how this "emotional code" works, you'll be able to repeat your successes. Here are a couple tips I learned along the way that will help you...

Dating becomes daunting when you want a relationship but have no idea who with.

So, before you upload your profile, sit down and really think about your values, non-negotiables and the things it would “be nice” for them to have.

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A few years back, I had what you might call a crisis.

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