Importance of updating files

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Importance of updating files

Employee access An employee has the right to review his or her own employee records.

Organizations should specify how employees get access to their employee records.

Therefore, the best approach to an employee's personal information is to treat it as though it is subject to privacy legislation.

PIPEDA sets out 10 privacy principles for the collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal information.

Organizations should be intentional regarding the information they keep in employee records to ensure privacy, and to manage administration and storage costs.

Organizations should establish a secure location for storing employee records - most often this location is a locked filing cabinet in a locked office, usually belonging to the executive director or the HR professional on staff.

The provinces with privacy legislation have similar privacy principles.

Countermeasures are available for most exploited vulnerabilities, but are they deployed?However, once an organization enters into a commercial relationship such as hiring an agency to recruit for a position or sending employee information to any outside payroll service or benefits provider, the privacy legislation will apply.Even if the information you collect about your employees is not subject to privacy law, employees have come to expect that their personal information will be kept private.Typically organizations do not allow employees to remove the file from the area in which files are kept.Furthermore, in order to maintain the integrity of the employee records, employees are not usually permitted to remove or add anything to the content of the file.

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About 85 percent of the survey’s participants detected viruses even though most had deployed firewalls (98 percent) and anti-virus technology (99 percent).

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