Is joe cheng dating ariel lin

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Is joe cheng dating ariel lin

In October 2009, Joe Cheng released hi first solo album entitled Sing a Song.

Cheng’s career in the entertainment filed took it’s first flight through Catwalk Modeling Agency.

She kept asking me to reserve today for me and said it was a birthday party.

When I asked if she was getting married, she then said yes.” Taiwanese director, Arthur Chu also came and represented Joe to present a cheque of “131,400”, which signifies a lifetime for the couple.

At her engagement ceremony, more than 50 guests were her celebrities friends.

Her co-star, Bolin from In Time with You specifically travelled from China to Taiwan to attend her engagement banquet. He said, “Ariel initially did not dare to tell me truth.

All her ‘ex-boyfriends’ including Chen Bolin, Kai Ko, Daniel Chan, Hu Ge and Eli Shih attended her special event.As a model he was also feature in many music videos of famous singers like Jacky Cheung.He also modeled for several famous companies such as Timberland, Levi’s, Puma AG, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Christian Dior and so many others.He is made may big project in just 1 year of stay in the industry.Up until this present time, he is still connected with Catwalk Modeling Agency.

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The two have been rumored to be on and off screen lovers which all their fans are really happy about.

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