Jake plummer dating

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While he can only speculate for Plummer’s reason(s) for retiring, Pittman believes his former teammate will not follow through on it and will play football again.

Maybe he wants to go somewhere where he can be the man right away.

Like many others, Pittman was surprised when Plummer announced his retirement from the NFL.

Some believe Plummer won’t really retire and that his retirement announcement is a ploy for him to get traded to another team, possibly Houston, where his former offensive coordinator, Gary Kubiak, is now the head coach of the Texans.

If he does come around and decides to play in Tampa Bay, we’ll be getting a great quarterback and teammate.” While Pittman and the Buccaneers hold out hope that Plummer will play again, Garcia isn't wasting any time in terms of getting to know his teammates.

In fact, Garcia apparently went out of his way to get on the same page with some his new teammates before the team’s offseason program began on Monday.

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“He can throw the ball out of the pocket or on the run. I mean, Jake makes some mistakes just like we all do out on the football field. In Arizona, Jake would take the entire offense out to dinner and he’d pick up the whole bill. He has such a passion for the game, and I know he can still play, and I know he knows he can still play.