Jewish son dating catholic

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Jewish son dating catholic

My mother-in-law gave my kids for one Christmas a book and CD set about Hannukah.

The Catholic faith stems from the Jewdiac and the Old Testement is included in the Christian bible and read by all Christians and the Jewish people are held in high regard and Biblical figures are worshipped.

Basically, you can't be Jewish and believe in Jesus or be Catholic and not believe in Jesus.

If going to church or temple is important to you, I think you should chose which religion is the most important one for your family. Since we started dating and became serious I told him I wanted to raise our children Jewish. We go to his parents house for Christmas but we do not celebrate it in our house.

You should do this with your husband and reach a full agreement. However, a lot of our friends are in the same situation and they do raise there children Jewish but celebrate Christian holidays in their homes. I know it is a hard subject to deal with as a couple.

After chosing, you can always celebrate the other holidays as part of a tradition, making the children aware of their heritage. We also joined a reform syngagogue in Vernon Hills that have a lot of members who are in the same situation so it is nice for our children. I'd like to give my personal experience here about this situation.

Religious Answer He is physically capable, but prevented by his religion. This comes from the fact that per Islam and Quran teachings, Christians and Jews worship same God worshiped by Muslims and; accordingly; they are not called unbelievers but are called holders of the book as they are holders of the Bible and the Torah that Muslims believe they are God holy books as the Quran is.

When I came into my 20's I began to have more and more friends who were Catholic.

My best friend was raised Catholic and she having older siblings, I found myself attending their weddings and Baptisms.

However, as the husband, per Islam teachings, is responsible of the family financial responsibilities and expenses (even if the wife works, she is allowed not to spend on family cost of living) and the children bear the father name, children are raised up as Muslims until they become mature enough to chose their religion per their free will.

The Christian or Jewish woman after marriage is allowed to practice her ritual worship at home as well as in the church.

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In actual practice, intermarriage amounts to assimilation, the product of which is descendants who may no longer see themselves as part of the religious heritage of either parent.

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