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Phoenix eschews LA’s favored lifestyle: he reportedly doesn’t hike, go to the beach or hit major restaurants — preferring a strict vegan diet of vegetables from his own garden. “God forbid he gets an Oscar this year,” said a publicity exec who has worked with Phoenix. Everyone wonders, ‘Is he really that sensitive — or does he just want you to think he’s weird? Which actually is kind of weird.” This article originally appeared in the New York Post.

“His circle of friends is as tight as he can keep it,” adds the friend.

“He really thinks he’s boring.” Phoenix took it too far in 2010 with the faux documentary “I’m Still Here,” for which he spent a year living as a reluctant movie star giving it all up to be a rapper.

On a now-infamous 2009 appearance on “Late Show With David Letterman,” he did little more than mutter and nod out, leading Letterman to compare him to the Unabomber.

Founded by David Berg at the grubby end of the 1960s, the cult became notorious for its tolerance of incest. “Everyone thinks that we were in this group with the founder and we all lived together,” he says. I do have vivid memories of Venezuela and Puerto Rico, though.” Joaquin is not shy about the subject. And our wellbeing was paramount to them.” Phoenix recalls his parents watching an exposé about the Children of God years later and saying: “We fucking knew it.” The trigger to leave came when they caught wind of the practice known as “flirty fishing” – essentially using sex to lure disciples to the cult. Then living in Florida, they remained stubbornly radical and stubbornly unmovable.

Besides “You Were Never Really Here,” Phoenix has three other films slated: playing a paraplegic in “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot,” a traumatized assassin in “The Sisters Brothers” and Jesus Christ in “Mary Magdalene” (which co-stars Mara and is looking for a new distributor since the Weinstein Company went bankrupt). Insiders say he chooses such parts for the chance to be someone else.

“The reason he’s good at playing traumatized is that he was traumatized,” said a film producer who’s worked with the actor. “He’s better at being a character than being himself,” said the producer.

We didn’t see much of him on screen in the years before and after that tragedy. I once sat in a round table interview with him that – while journalists pleaded as if speaking to a man on a ledge – he seemed permanently on the point of fleeing. We’re betting he’ll be at this year’s Cannes with Jacques Audiard’s adaptation of Patrick Dewitt’s when he was urged to taunt a Miami audience with the words: “F**k you.

In 1995, he had a standout turn in Gus Van Sant’s , he really began to carve out a niche.

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“And his comfort zone doesn’t go too far to begin with.” In fact, when Phoenix, 43, was named best actor for the thriller at Cannes, he leaned over to actress girlfriend Rooney Mara to ask her what had just happened.