Kimberly and jason dating in turbo movie

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Kimberly and jason dating in turbo movie

This is everything we caught on our first viewing but there’s bound to be things that were missed.

Drop anything you spotted in the comments or hit me up on Twitter and I’ll update this all weekend until we have the most complete guide to the - While it’s only hinted at in the movie, there’s a strong implication that Jason and Kimberly have a thing for each other (the kiss scene in the trailer was ultimately cut).

- During the morphing scene Trini is wearing a shirt that reads "1973." That was the year original Yellow Ranger actress Thuy Trang was born.

We have a complete guide to all the references, obscure trivia, and other hidden gems in this morphinominal film.

This also makes them the only two Power Rangers actors to appear in all of the Power Rangers movies.

- We get a tease of a new student in detention, one Tommy Oliver.

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Yost was having a turbulent time in his personal life at the time, experiencing a nervous breakdown and undergoing conversion therapy for homosexuality after years of on-set bullying.

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