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Laurel canyon dating

A replica Jupiter – that is, an accurate full size copy of the original Golden Spike engine – was built in 1979 for the National Park Service and operates annually at the Golden Spike National Historic Site at Promontory Summit, Utah.

In the 1800s, "Jupiter" was a popular locomotive name and was used on many engines.

—Greg Lewis, Collegian Adviser and Photojournalism Professor, CSU Fresno This is confusing as I had always been told that the original locomotives used for the Golden Spike still existed and were in museums.

They were built to be a part of our Golden Spike National Historic Site and operated as a part of the display by the National Park Service. —Bill Anderson The Jupiter situation is confusing but easily explained.Identification of this engine dressed up as "Jupiter"? The locomotive in that photograph is Virginia & Truckee #12 the "Genoa." It stood in as the "Jupiter" at the New York Worlds Fair from 1939-1940 [see below].Engine is marked "Jupiter" years after the Jupiter was scrapped in 1906. Currently the "Genoa" is restored and on display in CSRM.There is another such locomotive at Kennesaw Battlefield National Park just outside Atlanta which is alleged to have been the other locomotive used in the Great Locomotive Chase.When Walt Disney was filming this event as a movie back in 1956 in Clayton, Georgia he brought in a similar looking locomotive like the one pictured here.

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One of these engines survives today, at the Smithsonian Institution.