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The thoughts are hypothetical possibilities for eliminating the incompleteness and arriving at closure.Language, because of its ambiguity, can convey a sense of incompleteness.Let's state this another way: The more inclusive the class, the greater the number of psychological responses one can make to it. Erickson, an innovative practitioner of clinical hypnosis, recognized this fact and incorporated such ambiguities into his trance inductions.

When piano students begin to compose, their first pieces contain simple common patterns that are present in works they have played.

For two decades I intermittently pursued it in different settings with varying degrees of success and failure.

In 1984, after one career as an academic and another as a conductor of contemporary music, I succumbed to my scientific and philosophical interests and founded a small interdisciplinary think tank.

The fact that we don't apply the acquired rules consciously (or even know that they exist) makes them no less real or operative.

The unconscious' rule-finding ability is not limited to speech environments; it is active in all environments.

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Gates (1859-1923), who held dozens of patents, made his living "sitting for ideas." His tools were a quiet room, a pen, blank paper, and his mind.