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Malay sex chat online now

First off, this all started for she and I one day a few years ago. She is not too computer savvy so what she was looking at stayed in my computer history and she did not know that. I no longer live in her home, but I do get over there from time to time. He did not die or leave us for another, he just was not happy in the marriage and neither was my mom. All this started out a few years back when I would allow my mother to come over to my place to use my computer.Just then she pushed me off and kinda got a bit mad and asked what I thought I was doing.I thought I ruined it right there, but I told her I could not help myself. She was okay with that, but it seemed she was a bit uneasy about the whole thing. I was still very horny and my cock was hard as steel at that point.As I was flipping thru the pages I found out that she was thinking about how it would feel to make love to me.She would talk about how long it had been since she had made love to anyone and spent most of her time masturbating with her dildo’s with thoughts of me.I asked her if I could lay out on the couch with my head in her lap and she said it was ok.

She seems to like it because she started to squirm a bit.Made me wonder if she sat in my chair and masturbated herself as she looked at them.After a few weeks she was coming over quite a lot and the regular sites were decreasing in the history file and the adult sites increased.She does not have a computer at home and would ask me if she could come over to look up things on the net.Stuff like women’s issues and cooking items as well as Internet auctions.

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I wanted to make a move but did not know how she would feel about it.

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