Man to man randomized webcam chat photos used in dating scams

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:( Maybe borrow a friend's computer and see if it happens again? I joined the internet when I was like 6, there wasn't much "stranger danger" awareness back then. Edit: spelling Oh man that's awful..parents were very keen on making sure I was aware that the Internet was I made a lot of online friends (and still have some).

Internet was kind of new (AOL version 4.0 for the win! Creepiest thing for me was when a guy googled my username and did some digging, and he found my Twitter and Instagram.

True, he might do that and give you a lecture, but this is pretty serious, and he'll be able to help you.On OP's account, which is probably most likely what happened.And for the Guitar, it is pretty easy to find photos, when you have every account.It gave me all his mugshots (there was more than I thought!)and gave me his address, date of birth and date of death.

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Not to mention, the story would sound more credible to the police if it came from two sources as well.

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