Maryse dating miz

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Maryse dating miz

For the first 5 years that the Diva’s Championship existed, Maryse held the record as the longest reigning champion, although both AJ Lee and Nikki Bella ultimately exceeded her feat.The two have done more than simply win titles to show their skills in the ring, with a plethora of other accomplishments to their names, as well.The Miz is still the standout, having won the 2010 Money in the Bank, while his wife started that same year out with a bang by winning her second championship in a title tournament.Not long after Maryse lost her second Diva’s Championship, her profile started to wane, and she was released from her WWE contract in August of 2011.Maryse appreciated not working for WWE during this time and being able to set her own schedule and do whatever she wanted, helping her juggle her personal life and various businesses without needing to worry about performances in the ring at the same time.While the old fashioned dropping to one knee and asking for a woman’s hand in marriage still works pretty well for plenty of guys out there, celebrity couples have a tendency of making their proposals big and bombastic. Since Maryse returned to WWE in 2016, she and her husband, The Miz, have turned into one of the prominent power couples in WWE.

Maryse grew up speaking French and didn’t learn English until she started working for WWE.

Already firmly into her relationship with The Miz, Maryse began receiving disturbing letters, phone calls, and voicemails from a 61-year-old man named, Lee Silber.

Silber suffered from delusions that led him to believe that he and Maryse were friends or in love, and led Maryse to refer to him as “a crazy stalker who needs to either be in a psychiatric hospital or jail.” At first, the letters were merely disturbing, but they started to make Maryse fear for her life when Silber claimed he was “coming to LA [to get her]” and threatened to “take [her] to heaven with him.” Maryse applied for a restraining order against Silber, which was granted in August of 2011. With nearly 20 collective championships to their name, The Miz and Maryse are certainly one of the most decorated married couples that WWE has ever seen.

Despite these initial missteps, both Maryse and The Miz wound up with long-term WWE contracts.

Perhaps more importantly to either of them, the contest was where they first met and started to get to know one another.

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More pertinent to this article than any of Maryse’s business efforts, it was during Maryse’s time off that her relationship with The Miz blossomed from a fling into a marriage.

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