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NCIS, unbelievably, did not send the phone to UCACIL, DCFL or any other lab to recover the data, but rather looked at the phone, saw the pin connector was broken and did nothing. Bilecki exposed all of this during cross-examination.

Also, interesting in the case was the voluminous amount of coaching of the alleged victim.

Conveniently, between the date of the Article 32 and when the alleged victim's phone was seized two weeks later, the pin connectors on her i Phone were broken.

The defense contended that the alleged victim intentionally broke her phone so that the messages could not be recovered.

Despite this incredulous madness, the defense was steadfast in its investigation of the "victim" and obtained forensic data from the alleged victim's cellular phone, including quite a bit of homosexual pictures.

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The military jury saw right through the government's case and acquitted Mr.