Mom sonsex com

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Mom sonsex com

” “No, but not all guys have a sister as sweet and pretty as you.” I don’t know where I come up with these lines, but it’s not just a line when you’re telling the truth.

She looks into my eyes, then looks down at my hard on, and contemplates for a few seconds. I have three finals next week and a sorority party tomorrow, so I gotta study.” “OK” “But you gotta get me wet first.” As she said that, she went over to the bed, took off her white panties, and laid on her back with her knees bent and shoulder width apart.

I take my fingers out and taste her amazing wetness. ” Without saying anything, I direct her hip, signaling I want her doggie style.

She flips over, arches her back, and her pussy is pointing straight at me, simply inviting.

With ease, I enter my seven inch cock into her shiny cunt and it immediately glistens with her wetness. I stroke her slowly for a few minutes and then pick up the pace.

Very quickly, I’m pounding her hard and almost at the point.

After eating her for several minutes, she lowers her hip and relaxes in the pleasures of my still twirling tongue.

I take two fingers and enter her slick canal with my palm facing up.

After I inhaled her wonderful aroma, I lay down between her legs as she opened them wider for me.You better let me get cooking, ’cause your dad will be home soon.” “OK mom.” I go upstairs and find my sister studying at her desk.Stephanie is the younger of my older sisters and looks like a young version of Courtney Cox.I curl my fingers upward and start to stroke at the same time.“Uuhh, that feels so good.” She is definitely wet now as I see her white love juices accumulating on my fingers.

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