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Theodore Witcher’s film portrays Nia Long (as Nina Mosley) and Larenz Tate (as Darius Lovehall) in the African-American love story that had been missing from the mainstream media.

“We look back and realize this stereotype-breaking, genre-redefining cult classic delivered a powerful message—without a lecture,” Boone Isaacs added.

As far as casting, Witcher noted that, because love jones isn’t plot-driven, finding the right actors came down to what fit the mood and vibe of the movie. “The way we did this score was completely unorthodox,” Witcher said of working with composer Darryl Jones.

Chasman gave credit to Jane Alderman, “one of the great local casing directors in the country,” for finding Clark and Roberts in Chicago. As for the soundtrack, which features Leon Ware, Maxwell and Lauryn Hill, music supervisor Pilar Mc Curry said, “It was such a great time for music.” “These characters were like my people, that’s my crew who I would hang out with, so I just had to put in the music we would be listening to.” Cinematographer Ernest Holzman discussed the film’s memorable opening sequence, explained what it was like to shoot at the slowest film speed (ASA 100), and shared his favorite shot, a close-up of Nina in the early hours of the morning.

“It was going to be in Chicago and we hadn't seen anything in my hometown quite like it.” Long admitted that, of all the characters she has played over the years, “Nina is probably the most like myself.” Recalling the experience of making the film, she joked, “the kiss in the rain was everything.” Washington, whose children were present, discussed his biggest regret while filming.

Because he hadn’t been a father yet at the time, to him the onscreen reunion with his wife and son felt inauthentic.

“I love the idea that these people spoke differently to each other, I love the idea that it was romantic,” he said.

Dressed in gray leggings, she’s curled, kittenlike, in the corner of her overstuffed sofa, in front of a fire, sipping red wine and estimating the number of pairs of shoes she owns.

“Umm,” she says, squinting her eyes, “I guess, 60?

He even impressed the girl by playing the film’s soundtrack on the car ride home.

Witcher recalled first getting the idea for love jones off the ground, thanks to an enthusiastic Helena Perez (formerly Echegoyen) of New Line Cinema.

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As a first-time filmmaker, Witcher attributes his incredible cast and crew to luck.

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