No more bullshit the 999 dirty dating secret pdf

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No more bullshit the 999 dirty dating secret pdf

And, again Yugoslavia, aaarghhhh, there are Bunjevci, and Sokci, and Hercegovci, and Jugosloveni, and Gorani, and Muslimani, and Bosanci, and Bosnjaci, an endless number of entities, cantons and republics! This is the result when nationality becomes a primary political issue.However, there is not a word about the Kaszubians and Slovinci, who at least should be mentioned as the last surviving groups speaking dialects of the Pomorian language. .60 , 16 July 2006 (UTC) Yes, every village its own military, that's how it goes. But based on this wiki-debate site not only the South Slavs are so passionate at quarrelling, there is hardly any science or at least encyclopedic debate present on this site!Besides the infobox was added by another anon who vandalised the page at first. Boscovic , 31 July 2006 (UTC)The anon's edits are based on his POV that ethnic groups are strictly separated by the God himself and that there cannot be overlap between two groups or that one group cannot be subgroup of another.

This is because 80% of Euro's make up comes from the original (paleolithic, or pre-indo-european) hunter gatherers that inhabited europe before 'migrations'.Just because Yugo SLAVIA dominated Bosniaks for a short while and forced the Slavic languages on them... Also the map doesn't take into account that Kosovo seperated and they don't even speak Slavic language.Also many Bosniaks speak German, Italian and Turkish too, does that make them Turkish, Roman and Austrian and Slav?The rest comes from the IEs plus a few asiatic influences Hxseek , 5 August 2007 (UTC) I have putted new map of language distribution,it is more has more precise part "South Slavic" languages, because Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin (4 languages in 1945 - 1991 period called Serbo-Croat language) are not determined by borders..We have Serbian in northern and eastern parts of Bosnia, Bosnian in southern parts of Serbia and Kosovo, even Slovak language in small parts of Serbia, Croatian in southern parts of Bosnia etc.

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Come on guys get a grip, life is not all that serious, and so is not ethnicity!

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