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Noahide dating

She loves Torah, but is simply not ready for that step.I still feel a bit “left out” sometimes when I visit a synagogue or am in Israel.I’ve always been interested in archeology and I’d heard of a Texan named Vendyl Jones who had conducted excavations in Israel searching for biblical artifacts such as the Ark of the Covenant.What I hadn’t know was that Vendyl was an avowed Noachide.So like I said – aside from the seven laws, it’s pretty much a personal thing.The one place we draw the line is that we’re careful not to give a false impression of being Jewish.

But Torah really impressed me as being not just rational, but also true!

Noachides want a fellowship with other Torah-believers, both Jewish and Noachide.

Yet because they resist becoming part of an organized movement, most of that Noachide “community” takes place online.

That’s a question that every Noachide faces at some point in his journey. Personally I’ve wrestled with this issue for many years.

But since my wife does not want to convert, I’ve put it on hold.

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Today, there is a growing worldwide movement called B'nai Noach or Noachides – non-Jews who accept the truth of Torah and faithfully observe the Seven Laws of Noah.

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