Norah vincent self made man dating

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Norah vincent self made man dating

Sure, Jimmy uses a more raw set of words to describe his growing inner need to “do something,” but we shouldn’t miss the point that this man, whose wife is dying of cancer, has powerful energy moving in him.Some men will sublimate this energy into guilt and shame (and die of prostate cancer).Background: Norah Vincent is a female lesbian writer who spends a year-and-a-half as a man, Ned, experiencing an all-male bowling league, strip clubs, dating women, a monastery, aggressive direct sales work, and a men’s group.

Right now, there exists NO cultural pathway from boyhood to manhood, other than losing one’s virginity (which kids are told not to do) and getting an unlimited drivers license (which is being deferred to older ages, just as drinking alcohol has been, another weak but still acknowledged “rite of passage.”) Indeed, our schools seem to be oblivious to the fact that by the age of 14 in some not-so-ancient tribes, a boy became a man through acts of courage… Yet, the same genetic person is sitting in a classroom all day and expected to study all night, with physical education classes now emphasizing the study of health more than the experiencing of physical vitality.Wholeness respects the unique mix of energies within the individual, just as Norah is a highly unique mix of sexuality, intellect, and creativity herself.Some need powerful physical experiences individually or as a part of a team. All of us are served well by a strong connection to our inner Source of well-being and intuition.To ignore these energies is impossible for most healthy men.As Jimmy put it in the book, although I will paraphrase, having not had sex for two months left him ready to lift up the corner of the house.

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These men had moved beyond the kinds of base survival issues that on a gut level she feared were still at play.

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