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We had to look at the wedding guest list through an honest lens. Finally, I noticed there were colleagues whom I felt obligated to invite.I noticed that there were people on the list who were pretty much only there because I had been invited to their weddings (even though we aren’t particularly close friends). I also noticed there were people on the list with whom I wanted to be closer friends. I applied the following litmus test: “When I move on to my next job, will I still be friends with _____?Luckily, we anchored ourselves with our goals and hunkered down for the bumpy ride. We knew we had to cut it back because of Goal #5 for our ideal wedding: “We will have real time to spend with guests.Honestly, one of the most difficult parts of the wedding planning process was trimming down the guest list (or should I say, “going at it with a machete”? We want to be able to spend quality time with our friends and family.We don’t want to follow the traditional pattern of a few wedding ‘events’ where the bride and groom only have time for a ‘meet and greet’: rehearsal dinner, reception, brunch the following morning.

We headed to a good Mexican restaurant to brainstorm our goals and vision for our wedding.We wanted our wedding to be sincere, authentic, and memorable—a wedding focused on community and connection, not my wedding dress.We were convinced that we could make it work in a budget-minded, hand-crafted, eco-friendly way.And—with the help of good-natured friends and family, a little luck (the rain stayed away), and a solid plan—we managed to pull off a stress-free wedding that was the truest expression of ourselves. It was full of seriously fun quality time with our friends, family, and—most importantly—each other.Here's the story of our wedding planning process from its conception in a Mexican Restaurant to its climax with a choreographed dance to Prince’s “Kiss”. By the time I baked a celebratory engagement cake and showed up on her doorstep, she had already purchased several bridal magazines and started a file folder to capture all her wedding ideas and inspiration.

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We were tired of all the propaganda from the Wedding Industrial Complex telling us that we needed the perfect flowers or the perfect centerpieces to make our day perfect.