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Online affair friends dating chatting net

They survived the crash, but must now learn to survive the harshness of the island, the elements from Mother Nature, and the differing personalities of the others.The family and friends of those lost on Flight 1049 come together for support, forming the 1049 Club - a help to those left behind who have lost parents or breadwinners.

Before reading or downloading any of the stories, be sure to read the posted disclaimers." "You can't possibly guess the ending to [this] story.Just know that it won't be all sunshine and roses along the way. Anne Gardner's writing is haunting and, at times, disturbing. Absolute Romanticists be warned: There are some very unsettling things that happen in these stories.Can they save themselves and the world from GLOBAL, an organization bent on taking over the world? " -- Academy of Bards Academy of Bards | Athenaeum | Aus Xip Characters: Xena, Gabrielle, Jonathan Smith, Elizabeth, Chris, Michael, Cameal A touching story of the enduring power of love."After centuries of TPTB running the show, the warrior bard turns it around." -- Athenaeum Athenaeum | B. Miller | Foreva Xena | Gemini Fiction (Archived) "An intricately wowen tapestry of madness, passion and love." -- Athenaeum "Cristina Alcala tormented by a past she cannot remember searches for a truth that might destroy her. Francesca, awakens the passion and desire in her but she also opens the door into the life her mind chose not to remember.This story is about those we love, and those we should not.

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  2. Lake Titicaca is said to be the cradle of Peru’s ancient civilizations, and has been populated by numerous Andean cultures, including the Purakas, the Tiwanakus, and the Incas.