Online dating clowns

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Online dating clowns

There were new advancements in DNA that detectives were hoping could help close the case. Paige Mc Cann: We reviewed the entire case, and then we determined that additional items needed to be tested.

In the winter of 2016, as police continued working, Mike and Sheila sold the Purple Cow and retired, moving full time to the lake.

You can hate or like the film Clown if your a horror fan or not, for me I like my horror movies best served cold and freaky, and Clown to me isn't a bad flick.Nearly three decades ago, Marlene Warren opened the door of her Wellington, Fla., home and was shot in the face by a clown bearing balloons, flowers and a gun. If Mike Warren wasn't the shooter, police had actually gotten a second name from that anonymous tipster. …"Look at Sheila Keen."As his mother clung to life, Joe Ahrens remained by her side at the hospital. and I just stayed in that room for hours at a time. Joe Ahrens: "I love you, please don't leave." …"Mom." I just kept saying "Mom, mom."The balloons and flowers were recovered from the scene, and investigators immediately tried to track down where they could have been purchased. Della Ward used to work with Sheila Keen—at Bargain Motors. --an hour-and-a-half before the shooting and the store's location caught their attention -- Duret says Keen lived a little more than a half mile away. Two days after the shooting, the difficult decision was made to remove Marlene from life support. Inside police found orange fibers that resembled hair from a clown wig and several strands of brown human hair. Daphne Duret: They find it in the parking lot of a Winn-Dixie supermarket.Joe Ahrens, Warren's son, tells "48 Hours"' Peter Van Sant the clown calmly walked back to a car and drove off. Jeannie Pratt: Joey was running around, hurting himself and I'm like, "You're not going anywhere by yourself." Pratt jumped in the car with him. Joe Ahrens: So then I turned back and came back here. So when Shirley heard her daughter had been shot, she instantly thought of Mike. Within days, they were able to link them back to a specific supermarket. She remembers Keen as a 26-year-old, young mother living on her own after separating from her husband. Della Ward: To do repos you have to -- you have to have some kind of guts. Mike Warren agreed to be questioned by detectives and "denied having any extra marital affairs with a Sheila Keen." Other investigators continued trying to find where the flower arrangement and balloons were purchased. Police learned that those balloons were distinctive enough that they could link them back to a specific supermarket. One day after the shooting, detectives caught up with Sheila Keen and she gave them an alibi. Like Mike Warren, Keen denied the two were having an affair, telling investigators that they were "just good friends." Her neighbors told a different story. Then four days after the shooting, police got a huge break. That supermarket is eight miles from the crime scene, and nine miles from Sheila Keen's apartment. Daphne Duret: They find this orange, synthetic hair. Daphne Duret: They also find strands of brown, human hair. Within hours, police had a warrant to search her apartment. Investigators reportedly ran DNA on the hair and fibers. After learning all of this, investigators went into Warren's business with a search warrant. And the next day they recovered another important piece of evidence: a bullet removed from Marlene's body consistent with a .38 or .357 caliber gun. With Marlene Warren's death, police now had to solve a murder.

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Peter Van Sant: So at this point in the investigation, let's imagine there's a spotlight. Four days after Marlene Warren was shot, police later found this white Chrysler Le Baron in a parking lot eight miles from the crime scene.