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My fiancé and I are getting married sometime in the next two weeks, depending on how you look at it (we picked a destination wedding, so the legal part is happening separately). The median age for getting married is going up, and the number of marriages most of us will have in our lifetime is going up. We know exactly what tax benefits our union will result in, and we’ve made some strategic choices. But I’m getting the sense that we aren’t preparing for marriage, exactly. We have fun together and we respect each other’s independence. So in these days before we sign our papers and stand with our families and agree to keep picking each other, I’m feeling some mixture of totally chill and excited-bananas. I’ve had a long-term, loving relationship that just didn’t work out, and a series of shorter-term relationships that have ranged from from fun to serious, to confusing to honestly-I-can’t-believe-you-thought-I’d-like-that-movie.

And it had little to do with two equals creating a partnership until even MORE recently (not-so-fun fact: most states didn’t consider marital rape a crime until the late 1970s). We know the marriage statistics, advantages and pitfalls. And by all accounts, we’re doing everything right, if not romantically (nothing says romance like empirical data). And when I think about my future, I want him to be there—even though I don’t know exactly who I will be or who he will be. And despite our best preparations, neither of us has any idea what we’re getting into. So, I was clearing out some blog drafts and I came upon this one from August 28, which was about two months after I started dating Joe. I’m publishing it today as an ode to a balanced, imperfect relationship. — File this one under the category, “Things people say to you and you roll your eyes, but then later you realize they were right.” At 31, I’ve had a good number of dating experiences.

And the ability to cross reference potential matches with mutual Facebook friends is a huge benefit.

Since Tinder users have to make most of their initial assumptions about each other based on six photos and not much text, the photography becomes extremely important. In keeping with my habit of offering unsolicited online dating feedback, I have some advice for folks (specifically guys) about how to make the most of Tinder photos. You can only use six photos, so don’t use the same one twice. This app is super easy to figure out, so it’s not a good expression of your intelligence if you don’t get how to use it. Understandably, most of your Facebook photos are probably of you out and about with your friends, because that’s when people take pictures.

As an institution, marriage had little to do with love until relatively recently. Our engagement has been filled with preparatory exercises designed to help us understand what we’re getting into, and why. But for the most part, this draft still holds true.

And for all its common-ness, it’s a provocative subject. Joe and I have met each other’s families and made each other meals and agreed that we want to share the same balcony from the same apartment.

Every day, we make micro-decisions about how much our physical and emotional worlds should overlap, and where we can each bend and flex to accommodate. My friends and family have been relentlessly supportive of whatever and whomever I chose, but often with the gentle sighing caveat, “You know, I really think it should be easier.” It should be easier.

That’s a particularly easy statement to ignore, because it can be intellectually overridden with facts about why it’s hard now but will get easier later, or snorts that maybe not everyone gets to glide down easy street in the beginning of a relationship.

It’s really, really, really (really) easy to tell which Tinderers are looking for—erm—”short-term experiences,” and which ones are actually interested in meeting interesting people.Two thirds of them have been via online platforms—and I’ve met some really interesting, intelligent and totally not-scary people through the world wide web.I even recently downloaded Tinder, against my feelings of skeptical doom that it would be a creep-fest (it’s not).Yelp is actually the best dating site that no one's ever used for dating.I'm a dating consultant (I run, and I've actually been using Yelp for dating for over 2 years. Here's the way I see it: my first dates with people almost always involve either coffee, food, or drinks.

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(The ladies are pretty good at sussing out staged photos, so you might as well be honest about what you like to do.) 3.

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