Oracle triggers when updating editorial internet dating

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Oracle triggers when updating

I am just asking is there anything other way than when clause.

(Because when clauses does the required and takes time) for example update emp set sal=sal 10 in this update statement there is no user/status column. update emp set sal=sal 10,staus=nvl(status,'COMPLETE'); In this case I do want to do the checking.

With when clause even though the body does not get fired, it takes timing for checking here are stats I found.

No of Records Without Trigger With Trigger Trigger with When Clause 323336 Run 1 16 Seconds 51 Seconds 28 seconds 323336 Run 2 16 Seconds 52 Seconds 28 seconds 323336 Run 3 20 Seconds 248 Seconds Thanks Koshal November 27, 2006 - pm UTC the when clause is the way to have the trigger check to see if it should fire the body or not.

DBA's with "update any table" will of course be able to bypass that, but then again, they'd be able to bypass the trigger too - so so what.

1) Define a new application context APP_CTX 2) set dbms_session.That would imply that tables T1 and T2 must be mutually exclusive from an access perspective - any operation on T2 would involve locking T1 and vice versa. TOm: just curious on why you advised to use "when" caluse to filter the trigger update when you can do CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER test BEFORE UPDATE OF USER_ID ON test FOR EACH ROW Is not this more effective that using WHEN clause.I did not realize you can select columns in the update designed to help users understand the most common language for database wrangling, SQL.Beginning with a quick start introduction for those who want to start working with data immediately, instructor Bill Weinman teaches all the major features of SQL: creating tables; defining relationships; manipulating strings, numbers, and dates; using triggers to automate actions; and working with subselects and views.

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