Pia toscano dating dancing with the stars Live sex mak datin

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Pia toscano dating dancing with the stars

Toscano has seemingly been handling her newfound stardom well, despite how her love life has recently become a subject of scrutiny in the media and amongst her fans.

"I really asked myself before I auditioned, 'Am I going to be able to handle everyone talking about my personal life?

The note was then passed along to Jericho, who finally passed it on to Mark Ballas.

One date does not make them a couple, but how did the date go?

"American Idol" and "Dancing."And if that's not enough -- Pia will be back on "Idol" tomorrow for a special cast-off reunion.Reportedly, since American Idol and Dancing With the Stars are both filmed at the CBS Television City lot in Los Angeles, Toscano had plenty of time to eye Mark Ballas.TMZ said Toscano had an interest in Ballas for several weeks.' And I am, and that comes with the territory of this whole business," Toscano added."I guess if you're being talked about it's a flattering thing.

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Ironically, the performers also had their trailers right near each other.