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LAWC is looking for someone with experience of working with vulnerable women, particularly those who have experienced domestic abuse.Understanding of womens issues and the ability to support them with practical issues on a 1-1 basis is essential.We know how important your eyes are to your overall look.

Our team is hand picked on experience and expertise to enable our clients to experience a truly amazing transformation experience.

highlighting different themes and issues as well as holding a National Training Day on Thursday 23 April to ensure that even more professionals are trained around the legislation and reality of stalking as unfortunately many victims continue to be let down by the criminal justice system.

There are still a small number of places available which can be booked via the website.

Crossroads Womens Centre is now comfortably settled into its permanent home in Wolsey Mews, Kentish Town, but its history is one of struggle.

The centre was first founded as the Wages for Housework (WFH) campaign back in 1975.

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WFH did not stay in the new property for long evicted again in 1978 when the area was redeveloped.

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