Pregnant after one month of dating Free live sluty girl chat cam

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Pregnant after one month of dating

Some women will deliver on their due date, others before, and others after.

The body is not on a clock counting down to delivery; natural variation will introduce uncertainty.

The average time between menstrual periods is about 28 days, and ovulation occurs about 14 days before the next period begins.

So when we say a woman’s estimated gestational age is six weeks’ LMP, we mean she conceived about four weeks ago, around the time of ovulation.

If the ultrasound estimate differs by more than one week from the LMP, we would use the ultrasound estimate for the due date.

Ultrasound dating is based on a series of measurements of the gestational sac in very early pregnancies and of the embryo or fetus itself as pregnancy progresses.The uterus then typically rises above the navel at about a centimeter a week after that.But a physical exam can be misleading (due to factors such as twins, uterine tumors, or obesity) and is not used as the main way to date a pregnancy if LMP or ultrasound is available. If you’re anything like me, you’re starting to read everything that’s ever been written about pregnancy and probably have a ton of questions. Getting back to the “now that I know I’m pregnant” thought… Well, you either did a pregnancy test, you have morning sickness or you OB told you! Check out my Pregnancy Due Date Calculator We will get the answer a bit later…

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