Reggie bush dating whose ex first year dating anniversary ideas

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Reggie bush dating whose ex

It’s no secret that Leo Di Caprio has a thing for models, particularly Victoria’s Secret models.

And he’s definitely got a favorite type: foreign, strawberry blonde, and very, very thin.

But what is for sure is that these 10 celebs follow more than a bit of a pattern when it comes to choosing a partner.

Footballer Reggie Bush dated his former flame, Kim Kardashian, on and off from 2007-2010.

Bush married someone else, who the internet all pointed out happens to look like Kim Kardashian.

People in fact, as people do, sort of made a bigger deal of this than I think was necessary because people having types of people they’re attracted to is not something that Reggie Bush invented.

Before she was married to Kanye West or even Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian — in case you somehow have forgotten — dated Reggie Bush for awhile.

And though the pair eventually broke up in 2010 and moved on to marry other people, they are still connected in one very surprising way: Their daughters could be twins, as pointed out by BET.

If there's any explanation for Jenner's presence other than him not having anything better to do on a Saturday than to attend the wedding of his stepsister's ex, then it probably won't be long before he publicly clues everyone in on what prompted this in a manner much more direct than posting photos on Instagram, sort of like the recent interview in which he spoke on everything from how he never dated fellow Hills alum Lauren Conrad to Robin Thicke's creepy album.

As for Kardashian, if she is somewhere stewing over this, we'll likely never hear a peep out of her.

Neil and Pegi rocked the free world for 36 years, but then his heart of gold tarnished and they divorced.

Since then he’s taken up with another left-leaning blonde of a certain age, actress Daryl Hannah.

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Plus, Bush and his now-wife Lilit Avagyan actually allowed Jenner to bring his girlfriend, a luxury Jenner wasn't afforded for the Kimye wedding.