Rheological model for self consolidating concrete

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It is now recognized that the dimension of environment protection is of vital importance for sustainable development. Abstract: The last decade has witnessed a fundamental change in the planning process for development in Nigeria. The algorithm is illustrated by a numerical example. (2004), High Efficiency Carrier Multiplication in Pb Se Nanocrystals: Implications for Solar Energy Conversion, Physical Review Letters, Vol. Key words: Translucent concrete, optical fibre, energy saving, smart construction. Zhi Zhou1,2, Ge Ou, Ying Hang, Genda Chen, Jinping Ou., Research and Development of Plastic Optical Fiber Based Smart Transparent Concrete, published on Proc. The reduced order interval MIMO models retain the steady-state value and stability of the original interval MIMO system.

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Professor, Dept of CS&SE, College of Engineering, Andhra University.

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