Romantic movies interracial dating

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An intelligent romantic comedy that chooses to deal with issues of race and perception in a straight-forward way, from a point of view not often seen: that of a successful, upper-class black woman.

Right after the Starbucks incident she arrives at a party with her friend.

So in short, besides being male, Brian does not check any boxes on Kenya’s list, a list by the way that no one has so far measured up to.

Over time, they hit it off, but Kenya's reservations about the acceptance their romance will find among her friends and family threatens everything.

It was the exact opposite of all those movies that I want "my two hours back!

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But the assimilation of a likable, white guy into the Black "experience" has some real impact. His request to "please take a night off from race issues" rang true from a person who wants to empathize and be supportive, but cannot really know the impact of the life.

The fact that I am still thinking about the movie a few days later is meaningful (to me anyway! I wish the Mother character and probably the Brother as well, were more realistic in their haughtiness.

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(1958) which featured her as a slave and mistress of a slave ship’s captain.