Russian kontakt for dating

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Russian kontakt for  dating

"That is very high, compared to say 10 percent of those involved in a serious car crash.

Only torture is more severe." This post-traumatic stress can manifest itself in nightmares or flashbacks, where the woman feels she is once again experiencing the attack.

The film is based on "Anonymous," an autobiographical account, originally published by a German journalist and editor in the 1950s, describing her experiences between April and June 1945.

After invading and occupying large swathes of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union -- and murdering tens of millions of people in the process -- the German army was retreating, and the Red Army was following hot on its heels, intent on revenge.

Sweeping across German territory, many of the Russian soldiers burned, killed, looted. The Soviets, of course, weren't the only ones; soldiers from other Allied armies were also guilty of sexual violence as they moved into Germany from the West.

There were hundreds of trials of French and US soldiers for rapes committed in the first months of 1945, though the British armed forces had fewer such cases.

While there was also some punishment of Russian soldiers, including executions, most got away with their crimes.

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Kuwert is also interested in why some women are particularly resilient after these experiences and do not suffer the same trauma.