Salsa speed dating stuttgart

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Salsa speed dating stuttgart

La Verne was an avid quilter and made many special quilts for family members and friends.She also crocheted intricate lace doilies that she shared with those she loved.

La Verne was an avid “Ice Dawg” fan, cheering her grandkids on.

Determined to keep the family together, the three sisters took over the mom duties and father, Alec, made it a priority to be home with all his children each evening.

Between Alec and his widowed sister Jean, 11 kids grew up on their family homesteads, a short pony ride apart.

During this time, La Verne worked in both a shirt factory and a furniture manufacturing plant.

She attended Indiana University for 2 ½ years and 2 summers at Liberty College in Lynchburg, VA.

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  1. I was born in Freehold NJ in July of ’74 Where were you raised and currently reside? My father was enlisted in the Army and met my mom while stationed over in Korea. On your album you have a bit where you mention that you would like to catch a squirrel or have a bird land on your finger. haha I never lived out that fantasy, but that is what dreams are for. I am two weeks away from filming my second hour special.