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Shroud of turin radiocarbon dating wrong

Meacham’s book, (an unfortunate title), goes into considerable detail about the planners’ personalities and infighting leading to the 1988 test.Meacham complains that although the C14 labs knew how to test a sample once it reached their doors, field archaeologists knew that many details could go wrong beforehand, especially when trying to pick a sample characteristic of the total artifact.Zugibe gives a good summary of current opinions, but William Meacham, a professional archaeologist working in Hong Kong, recently (November, 2005) produced the most informative view.Meacham had no interest in the Shroud until he read a 1981 article in (reproduced on Schwortz’s website).The repair was done so expertly that even under high magnification and close inspection none of the STURP team had noticed any difference.Understand that (i) there was no record of such a repair; (ii) the STURP members were not looking for an expert repair; (iii) the image area has always been the main subject of study; (iv) none of the STURP members are textile experts; (v) textile experts concur that it was an exceptionally well-done repair; and (vi) a reweave is intended to not be noticeable even under close inspection.

This is possible because linen is highly resistant to dye but cotton is not.

This “proto-photo” theory has been around for about a decade and is clever, but still convinces few Shroud experts.

Forensic pathology is the scientific study of how people are injured or how they die.

Some of Zugibe’s medical views differ sharply with those of Pierre Barbet, a famous mid-20th century Shroud researcher, such as insisting that Christ’s death was not due to asphyxiation, but rather to “cardiac and respiratory arrest, due to hypovolemic and traumatic shock, due to crucifixion.” The numerous summaries (and brief analyses) of the theories of Christ’s death, image formation mechanisms, and reasons for the 1988 C14 dating anomalies are particularly helpful.

The 1988 radiocarbon test continues to be the hottest issue among many Shroud watchers.

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Autopsies are normally performed by physicians with training in forensic pathology.

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