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Text with sluts no signup

Acts of slut-shaming are easier than ever to accomplish in the age of social media.

Young men can anonymously take photographs of naked, unconscious women with their phones and post the pictures on Facebook without the women's consent -- as the members of the Penn State fraternity Kappa Delta Rho recently did.

What is new is that slut-shaming has become normalized and omnipresent.

I have yet to meet an American woman under the age of 25 who has not been called a "slut" or a "ho" at some point in her life.

During the trial, the prosecution concluded its case by reading the texts exchanged between the men on and after June 28th, 2016, some of which had been deleted and later recovered.

For the prosecution, these were evidence of a complete lack of respect for women, while the defence teams argued the texts were banter and immature boasting, the words of young men who were egging each other on and had no evidential value.

Clearly, sluttiness to some people indicates a woman who asserts herself, sexually or not.

The TV shows "Scandal," ""Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce" and MTV's "True Life" have addressed it.

Slut-shaming is sexist because only girls and women are called to task for their sexuality, whether real or imagined; boys and men are congratulated for the exact same behavior.

Putting aside the sexism of this point of view, since boys and men never have to face this decision, it actually makes no difference if a girl or woman is sexually active or even utters any expression of sexuality: she can be called to task simply because she is female.

Ashley Judd recently tweeted an innocuous comment during a basketball championship game (she wrote, "I think Arkansas is playing dirty") and was harassed online as a result.

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Once a girl or woman is regarded as a "slut" or "ho," she becomes a target for sexual assault.