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Now that was everything you’re going to discover inside Anabolic Running 2.0.However, I really wanted to sweeten the pot for you and make this a no-brainer.I know what you may be thinking…How the heck did running kill your marriage and ruin your physique? Maybe…However, I would hate for you to make the same mistakes I did. My wife and I were in the non-stop love-making phase of our marriage. My best buddy was down for the count and I was freaking out.​And when I did “get it up,” sex was more of a hurry than a pleasure. We went out to our favorite restaurant, grabbed some dessert and came home ready to get the party started. Unless adaptations were made quickly, mankind was finished. That’s when man emerged with a biological advantage.

Most men believe they will see faster and better results if their workouts are longer and harder. To find a cure…I spent hours researching ways to revive my manhood.Unfortunately, these guys are crushing the ONE factor responsible for transforming your body from soft to solid and if you have a problem in this from “gimpy” to hard…​Without massive quantities of male sex hormones pumping through your body, there is no chance for muscle growth. Yet most men are waging war against themselves with each workout... And although the methods are questionable, these competitors understand the gateway to more muscle, strength, and speed is hormones. You’re not one to order thousands of dollars of steroids or inject yourself with synthetic chemicals. Days would disappear and I was only getting more “skinny fat” and disgusted with my body...Fat loss becomes nearly impossible and sex is just a roll-of-the-dice… Months went by and I still hadn’t found the answer. after hours of research and late nights tossing and turning in bed. And since then I’ve made it my mission to rescue the health and physiques of men who’ve fallen into the same trap I once did.Some men who resort to this boring form of getting in shape have reported looking “puffy” and weak with little muscle around their arms and chest, plus a layer of fat covering their midsection and lower back.It’s a body which screams “I’m average” and even “lazy”... The way you look and function as a guy will not get better if you keep doing the same things you are now.

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Then once they caught up, the warriors would “finish-off” their prey and drag pounds of meat back to camp for dinner.