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For James and I, my background prior to grad school was corporate finance. James was a venture capitalist and a technology guy.He was more of a visionary big thinker, and James and I needed each other, right?

So, that takes one of those issues off the table that you had to think about.So I think there’s a sense of relief when you get there.You feel good about it, and maybe it’s a little like graduation. : Well, Monster when they acquired us, they allowed us to run fairly autonomously, which was great.: In a practical day to day level, how does it change your life? : The biggest purchase I made was, and probably the proudest moment of my life, was calling my dad and saying, “We sold the company. I’m going to buy you a house, and quit your job.” So, that was a nice one.I guess that’s one of those things that changes your life when you can do that for family.

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You know exactly where it is, and in that moment you’re aware of your feelings. We wanted to be committed to the acquiring company as well as the employees that wanted to stay on with us.