Unit dating

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Unit dating

There is a king, and £5 coins - implying near future once again.

RTD playfully acknowledged the UNIT dating conundrum in their first proper outing of the new series - 2008's The Sontaran Stratagem two-parter.

We have to go back to the Troughton story The Abominable Snowmen in1967. It proved so successful that a sequel was hurriedly put into production - 1968's The Web of Fear.

That puts The Web of Fear somewhere around the mid to late1970's.

(In a later episode we see another calendar showing April.

The story takes place over a couple of days only - so what on earth has happened to March this year? A 1980 date for this story is reinforced by the arrival of Sarah Jane Smith in the next adventure (The Time Warrior).

Professor Edward Travers (Jack Watling) returned from the earlier serial, now an old man.

The 1977 Brigadier says that he retired from UNIT in 1976!!! The only way that previous chronology now fits is if both Prof.

Travers and Sarah were generalising about dates and were not being specific at all.

When Donna learns that the Doctor used to work for UNIT he admits that he did: "Back in the 70's.

The UNIT era, as most "Doctor Who" timeline compilers have learned, presents quite a difficulty.

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This story introduced Brigadier (then Colonel) Lethbridge-Stewart.

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