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This results in a "gap" in the assigned sequence values.When the system comes back up, Oracle will cache new numbers from where it left off in the sequence, ignoring the so called "lost" sequence values.Hub account, the actions in the sequence will continue to execute for any currently enrolled contacts.

The sequence diagram (see Figure 7) the required steps for the reasoning process.

If you would like actively enrolled contacts to receive your updated sequence, you will need to first unenroll them from the sequence and then re-enroll.

You have the ability to re-enroll the contacts in any step of the sequence.

The postal codes are connected to streets, which in turn are connected to districts.

For instance, one can add an information that a particular street is under construction (a Road Construction Condition or one of its subclasses occurs) or that there is a specific weather condition in a specific district.

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One of the most important aspects of the system is the possibility of an integration of data from the database and the ontology.

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