Updating alienware 7700 bios

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Updating alienware 7700 bios

I plugged it into the Alienware Aurora m7700 and no go.The VIA VT8237R DOES NOT support the Crucial m4 128GB SSD.Basically, the behavior I ran into was that I would boot to the Windows XP CD and it would ask me if I had any drivers, press F6.

I said yes, NTFS, go for it and it did its thing, copying a bunch of windows files to the disk before finally saying it was time to reboot (with a countdown and automatic reboot).

You will be able to get the sound and video working though.

Installing Windows 7 Install n Vidia Ge Force Go 6800 Ultra Prior to the release of n Vidia Ge Force 6800 Ultra 295.73 drivers found here at n Vidia Driver Downloads, I was using the M7700 NVIDIA Ge Force Go 6800-FX ULTRA 256MB NVIDIA Graphics Driver 78.70 found here at Alienware Support.

When it rebooted, however, it would then come back up and say Windows could not read something on the hard drive.

I repeated this process about 4 times, ensuring that I specified the drivers correctly, it could see the partitions, etc but whenever it rebooted it would fail to find it.

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