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Updating optical drive in imac

But you also lose CD/DVD reading and writing abilities — things fewer people care about these days — and you’ll need to set up your Mac to properly take advantage of the SSD. There are millions of Macs with optical drives, including i Macs sold prior to late 2012, Mac minis sold prior to mid 2011, and 15″ Mac Book Pros sold prior to late 2013.

Apple still sells non-Retina 13″ Mac Book Pros with optical drives; this model hasn’t been updated with new hardware in a long time.

Putting an SSD inside your Mac, then moving OS X and your apps over to the SSD, can radically improve the Mac’s speed: it’s possible to get 4X to 5X improvements in OS X and app loading times, a difference you’ll notice every time you wake your Mac from sleep or switch apps.

I feel a lot safer with my important photos and files on an SSD versus an aging mechanical drive.Short answer: Every Mac’s overall performance is weighed down by the computer’s slowest parts.Even if your CPU, graphics card, and other components are on par with current-generation Macs, your apps and files could be stored on a slow hard drive that takes a long time to load and save things you’re using.I’ve gone through the i Mac upgrading process before, and while there are a bunch of steps to follow, none is particularly difficult.i Fixit’s guides walk you through all of the steps except one: placing the tiny SSD you buy within an adapter/caddy as large as the optical drive you’re replacing.

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